Maroko residents who were brutally evicted by the then millitary governor  of Lagos State, Colonel Raji Rasaki on 14 July, 1990 and are currently squatting at Jakande estates in Lekki, Ikota and  Epe area of Lagos  State on July, 2020 marked their 30 years of forceful eviction from Maroko community and the displayed of 300 residents with pains and anguish.

Speaking during a virtual press briefing in compliance with the COVID-19 protocols at their Jakande, Lekki Secretariat, the Chairman of the Maroko evictees, Alhaji Chief Olakorede Jegede said that Maroko evcitees decided to marked the  30 years they were brutally evicted by the  then Lagos state military Governor, Col Raji Rasaki with the conspiracy of the then Federal Government and some elites who recklessly invaded Maroko to demolished properties, torture, brutalized the helpless  innocent residents in the area, displaced about 300 of them  and took over their ancestors land  and properties to remind the Nigeria Government  and the World that Maroko evictees are still struggling to get justice from the inhuman and barbaric treatment meted out to them by the Government that supposed to protect them.

“On the fateful day of 14 July, 1990 at about 9 am all entrances leading to Maroko community were under seige by  fully armed soldiers, mobile Policemen who invaded the place with Caterpillars to unjustly demolished over 10 thousand  houses and displaced over 300 residents without prior notice.

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“During the illegal operations which lasted for about 14 days,some of our wives and daughters were not spared as they were raped while some of our parents were murdered in cold blood and   the adverse effect of the demolition and displacement brought untold hardship to our distraught people and our economic means of livelihood was ruined and survival became almost impossible”.

 “The persistent public outcry by local and international human right activists, especially the Civil Liberty Organisation (CLO) and Social and Economy Right Action Centre (SERAC ) compelled the government to compensate us and we were eventually resettled at an uncompleted  government estates in Ilasan, Ikota and Epe, but sadly, these estates were not fit for human habitable, but we had no choice than to manage it.

“Although we were resettled  at Jakande, Ikota and EPe and issued allocation papers, but the government had for the past 30 years deliberately deprived the estates  which been taken by flood in recent time of basic social amenities and infrastructures,

“Though it had been 30 years of our struggling to get justice, we are not going to rest on our oars until we secure the needed justice from the Federal and the Lagos State Government and we are now appealing to the President and the Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari and the Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu to come to our aid and renovate the dilapidated Ilasan and EPe structures for us to live a normal life and stop further threatening us with another eviction”, Jegede appealed. 
Other leaders at the briefing were Mr Benson Oketola and Comrade Andrew Oretan, Secretary and Youth Leaders of Maroko Envitees.

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