First Bank

First Bank of Nigeria is supporting about 1.5 billion students across the globe who have been forced to stay at home to contain the COVID 19 pandemic through an innovative e-learning  programme to drive sustainable efforts towards improving education.

To ensure the laudable programme succeed, in a statement, First Bank has forged a formidable partnership with Robert and John, JBM and Curicus leaning to ensure the e-learning moves across the country.

Robert and John is offering Roducate, an e-learning solutions with a Government accredited curriculum based contents ranging from primary to the territory level.

Roducate is available both online and offline on pre-loaded devices for those with limited or no access to the Internet, making for a revolutionary e-learning experience.

The partnership with JBM according to the bank, offers the Digital Nation Africa programme an online youth focused leaning programme that enabled innovation and skills development on emerging technologies through areas, such as Artificial Intelligence Coding, Cloud, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Data Science, Analytics, and Cyber Security.

Further more, First Bank partnership with Curious leaning offers academic based contents for pre-school and early leaning age  between three to eight, using fun and self guided apps to help them with their cognitive skills at fundamental level. 

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